In Memory of A Dear Friend

Sometimes people come in and out of your life,
and you move on, hardly noticing.
Occasionally you meet a kindred spirit,
a person who affects you, who helps you grow and evolve.

Back in my teenage days one of my favourite partners in crime had a fascinating Mother.
A hugely talented photographer, she had never lost her idealism from the sixties.
Her photos always revealed the potential of a person.
One of the most endearing things about Barb was that she never passed judgement.
She was a kind and experienced ear for a whole group of us,
and guided us through more than one sticky situation.
She became a dear friend and mentor.

Her daughter and I are still close,
and spend precious weekends watching our daughters giggle and tell secrets.
Barb had been sick for a long time, and this morning she passed on..
I'm quite sure where ever she is, she has a Nikon in hand and a smile on her face. 

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