This Artist is an Inspiration

You've never seen pictures of my son's room,
and there's a reason for that :)

We've ended up with an entire matching ikea set - remember the robin series?

We bought him the bookshelves at our last house,
then my brother offered us his son's desk (same series)
then D's sis offered us her son's bed and nightstand.


Although it's functional,
the sizing is becoming a little small for him,
and it's a bit matchy-matchy for me.

A plan is slowly forming,
and yesterday I was cruising around looking for pics of reclaimed wood accent walls,
and found the most inspiring, amazing blog.

It's called Brooklyn to West,
written by Ariele, a builder/sculpter/furniture maker living in Brooklyn.

Sounds interesting already, right?

Ariele drove acroos the country with her business partner and friend
collecting wood and antique chairs,
where she spent five months designing and building
a restaurant from reclaimed and salvaged materials.

She is truly passionate about her work, 
and her phenomenal photography perfectly captures the beauty of her designs.

If you ever wanted to read about an artist living their dream,
go over.

Some of the magic...

Thank you, Ariele,
for re-igniting the artist in me.


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