kantha quilt madness

I'm all for items that are repurposed and the proceeds of which go to a good cause. I'm also a big fan of one-of-a-kind. This is one of the reasons I've been trying to convince the mister that a kantha quilt, although begin technically "used" could live at the end of our bed as a throw. Kantha quilts are made from several layers of sari's, usually as a cottage industry by women who are not allowed to work, and so providing means to an income. There's heaps of them on ebay....

They are usually under a hundred dollars on ebay, which I think is very reasonable for all the work involved. SO, what's the madness? Urban Outfitters has begun offering these on their site for $279.00 !!!

What is up with that? I know these guys have to cover retail costs, but still, seems bit excessive, no? I know where I'll be shopping... x am

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